{ Y2137 } by Sophia Tolli | Primrose Lane, Bridgewater NS

Sophia Tolli

Tie the knot in a gown that’s worthy of being yours to treasure! Crafted with utmost care, our new collection ‘Yours to Treasure’ draws inspiration from fairytale romances and nature’s enchanting beauty. Featuring a treasure trove of over thirty modern bridal gowns and accessories that embody the essence of love’s grandeur, each dress promises a perfect blend of style, elegance, and comfort. This collection offers a diverse range of trends and styles to ensure every bride finds her perfect match, from minimalism to extravagance and everything in between. Twirl into your happily ever after in a beautiful Sophia Tolli wedding dress that transfers moments into cherished memories, making the bride the true treasure of her own love story.

Available to Order: 226 dresses

Price: $1,319 - $3,079